Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

We love to watch cooking shows and baking tutorials.

But most of us just want to watch because we enjoy the step-by-step procedure until the masterpiece finish.

This video is the pinnacle of that.

This video is about a popular cake shop based in Taiwan, but if you’re curious about this famous cake, here’s a short story.

Based on an article published by When In Manila, Original Cake was founded in Taiwan more than ten years ago.

It is reportedly well-known for its delectable cakes comprised of sugar, flour, and eggs, or what most people refer to as sponge cake.

This renowned Taiwanese treat is known for its moist and fluffy texture and was first produced along a beautiful riverside north of Taipei, Taiwan.

72M views say people still love it.
With more than 72 Million views, we know this video is something more.

Dancing Bacon featured a “jiggly cake” from Original Cakes to show how they prepare their cakes for their customers.

If you want to make this kind of cake, you may refer to these short tips from www.bakingo.com

One of the basic tips is to fold the flour carefully. Make a moving figure 8 as you fold the mixture.

Be careful not to over-mix the cake because doing so will kill the air bubbles and make the cake dense.

Okay, back to the video.

The first thing the Original Cake baker does is measure.

He wants to get 8 perfectly even “slices” of cake so each customer walks away satisfied.

Always start with chocolate.
The first cake that the baker cuts into is chocolate.

You can see the oozing melted chocolate inside the cake and it’s enough to make any mouth water.

Next up- chicken floss?
Of course, when it comes to cutting into their cakes, it’s the same process for all the other flavors, such as their chicken floss cake.

Anyone who’s ever baked a cake can understand the tension that builds up right before the moment they slice into a jiggling mass of yumness.

Will it crack? Will it crumble? There’s only ever one way to find out.