Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are on the same page about a new-look monarchy.

Hello Magazine has reported the former Princess of Wales, Camilla, is set to axe the tradition of having ladies-in-waiting.

The 75-year-old wife of Charles has reportedly decided to abandon the centuries-old custom and have her existing staff take on the duties as the two attempt to “remodel” the monarchy.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “When she got married and set up her own office for the first time she got two brilliant private secretaries, Amanda Macmanus and Joy Camm. But they were very much “two for the price of one”.

Not only did they arrange all her engagements and projects, but they also acted as ladies-in-waiting if needed, accompanying her on official duties, collecting bouquets of flowers and the like.”

The source went on to say, “No one stands on ceremony in her office, everyone mucks in.

“The feeling is that although things have changed dramatically in many respects, she won’t take on an official line-up of ladies-in-waiting.”

Camilla currently employs two private secretaries, Sophie Densham, and her deputy, Belinda Kim, and they take on many of the duties that ladies-in-waiting would traditionally be responsible for.

However, the Queen Consort may employ some extra staff to deal with her increased correspondence in her new role.

The insider explained: “The Queen Consort will do things a little differently. She currently has two private secretaries who do some of those traditional duties anyway.

“And she has quite a lot of good and decent friends around her whom she can call on, as and when is necessary, to support her. I suspect she’ll dip into her close circle of friends, maybe geographically.

“She has a lot of chums in London and Scotland, as well as in the country too. She thinks it’s more with the times.”

The late Queen Elizabeth was quite fond of her ladies-in-waiting: Dame Mary Morrison, Lady Elizabeth Leeming, Susan Rhodes, Dame Annabel Whitehead and Lady Susan Hussey.

The ladies became trusted and valued friends of the historic monarch and the family; Lady Hussey became Prince William’s godmother.

Usually, from wealthy families – allowing them to work without pay – the ladies carried out their duties to the Queen from their own personal dedication. Their most important duty was offering companionship to the Queen.

Other duties included administrative tasks, organising events, managing the Queen’s wardrobe, and helping the monarch to dress and undress.

After marrying into the royal family, both Camilla and Kate, Princess of Wales, were offered their own ladies-in-waiting, but both turned down the option.