Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Not all pet stories are sunshine and daisies. While the internet is full of sweet, feel-good stories about animals, you’ll also find stories of just how badly many animals are treated.

Violet over here is one of those animals. I should warn you that Violet’s story has some pretty graphic parts.

It started when Violet the English Mastiff was thrown out of a car in Maryland.

It was in early February of 2016 when reports first appeared that a dog was thrown out of a car in the state.

Who could be so cruel to not only neglect the dog but throw it out of a car too?

The dog was almost literally skin and bone. She looked like a skeleton and was deathly malnourished.

English Mastiffs are large dogs and should weigh in the ballpark of 130 to 150 pounds. But poor Violet here only weighed 56 pounds, and her skeleton was clearly visible now.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before Violet was rescued.

She found herself in the hands of Mutts Matter Rescue for a bit where she received veterinary care.

Later, the malnourished Mastiff was brought to Fat Dog Farm where she really began her rehabilitation.

Every few pounds gained was important. She couldn’t even go up the stairs since her hind legs were too weak.

That was one of the first things they worked on. She needed to put on enough weight to get that energy back.

Violet seems to have not seen much of the outside where she originally came from. At least, that’s what her foster mom assumes.

When her foster mom took her outside, Violet looked at the trees and sky with genuine fascination – like she’d forgotten what they were like.

“I can tell you, I wonder if she’s ever been outside. She looks up at the skies and looks up at the trees like she’s never seen them before.”

They fed Violet lots of nutritious and high-fat foods to help her gain weight faster. It does look like it paid off!

Violet’s road to recovery was recorded in photos, and you can see the astounding progress she made.

Remember: Just because it’s taking time doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

She gained her weight back, and her spirits too. After such a hard journey, Violet learned how to be a dog again.

She was playful and loved the outdoors. And she liked nuzzling and cuddling too. Cuddling is way more fun when you’re not skin and bones anymore, after all!

Violet was on six meals a day during that journey. It was to make sure her digestive system could handle it. Look at her now!

Goes to show how keeping at it always pays off, and it also shows how much you can do to help one dog.