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Luke Bryan experienced death several times in his life, which eventually led him to adopt his sister’s children. Here’s a look at his life as a family man.

The youngest of three kids, Luke Bryan, grew up on a farm in a small town in Georgia. He was already set to pursue a music career in Tennessee at a young age, but a tragedy happened as he was about to take steps to become a professional singer.

His brother passed away in a car accident, leaving their happy family grieving. It also postponed Luke’s move to Nashville, delaying his career. However, at 19, Luke’s father pushed him to chase his dreams, so he did.

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline, alongside their children. | Source: Getty Images


While living in Georgia, Luke met the woman he would later call his wife, Caroline. According to the “Country Girl” singer, it was love at first sight. He knew that he would one day marry Caroline just by the feeling he felt when they met.

The couple dated in college but ended up parting ways as Luke planned to leave after graduation, while Caroline, three years younger, still had to finish her studies. Luke recalled:

“I kinda went off and did my thing in Nashville, and she finished up her college experience, and it kinda allowed us both to go get our feet a little firmer on the ground.”

Luke Bryan during the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. | Source: Getty Images

Five and a half years later, Luke and Caroline found their way into each other’s arms again. At that time, Luke was playing in a Statesboro bar, where Caroline happened to be nearby. They spoke for a while upon seeing each other and eventually had conversations through email.

When Caroline invited the singer to her family’s Christmas party, and he accepted, their relationship progressed again. Caroline revealed that her husband had always been a gentleman in a previous interview. She added:

“We hung out as friends first, and he never made a move on me. I kissed him first! He was always so scared of making a girl feel uncomfortable. He wouldn’t cross a line.”

Eventually, Luke proposed to his college sweetheart, while kneeling on one knee, in front of a Parthenon replica in Nashville. In 2006, the couple exchanged wedding vows and had their honeymoon in the Colorado mountains.

The estate includes a 10,000 square-foot house, a 1,800 square-foot guesthouse, and a 7,000 square-foot barn.


During his time in Nashville, Luke was dedicated to writing songs, which Capitol Records kept hearing. Eventually, the company offered Luke a record deal that launched him into stardom. On April 6, 2007, Luke played at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time and had the support of his sister, Kelly. He recalled:

“That night, little did I know it would be our last photo together.”

Kelly died a month later due to an illness that was never identified. She was survived by her husband, Ben Lee Cheshire, and their three children. Luke felt anxiety dealing with such tragic events with his only two siblings gone.

Luke Bryan at the Sycamore Barn in Arrington, Tennessee for the 2020 CMT Awards broadcast on Wednesday October 21, 2020. | Source: Getty Images

Seven years later, Luke’s brother-in-law, Ben, also passed away, leaving his children, Jordan, Kris, and Til, without parents. Luke and Caroline did not hesitate to save their nieces and nephew, taking a significant step and adopting them.

From having two kids, Tatum “Tate” Christopher and Thomas “Bo” Boyer, the couple became parents to five. Luke and Caroline did everything to provide their three adopted children with the love and security they deserve. Luke said:

“Bo went from being kind of the alpha male to being the middle child, but he takes it in stride. It’s been amazing to watch them do so well with it. They treat Til like their brother, and Til does the same.”


Luke and Caroline are raising their kids on their 150-acre Nashville Farm. The estate includes a 10,000 square-foot house, a 1,800 square-foot guesthouse, and a 7,000 square-foot barn. The ample space caters to activities that both kids and guests can do, including fishing in their pond.

The couple’s guest house features a media room, living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, while the main house also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Luke’s residence boasts neutral colors and designs, looking more charming and upscale.

Luke’s home was patterned after Blackberry farm and designed by Chad James, who recalled his client saying, “If you can make this farm look like Blackberry Farm, I’ll be the happiest man on this planet.” Luke even featured his farm in the music video “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day.


Now that Luke’s adopted kids are adults, he continues to raise his biological children at the farm. In 2020, Til left home to study at the University of Georgia. Meanwhile, his siblings left for college shortly after their father passed, leaving them less time to be with Luke and Caroline.

Reflecting on what had happened in his family, Luke said, “I think with everything that’s happened in my family, I just have to lean on my faith and the understanding that God has a plan for all of us. We just wake up every day and do our best.”

Raising his boys was undoubtedly an incredible experience for the singer, who described his home as in a state of “constant chaos.” Before the pandemic, the boys usually had friends over to have fun while Luke happily watched.

“With young children, there are a hundred moments a day when you want to slow down and seize the moment,” he said. “My boys are amazing and great and perfect and precious,” he said.


Luke can say the same thing about his wife, whom he has been with for several years. “She’s the perfect kind of stability that I need on all levels,” he shared. Caroline wakes up early every morning to make breakfast for the kids so Luke can sleep in. He added:

“We have fun with this career. We have fun with our kids. We have a normal marriage. We get into it, we fight, we figure it out, but at the end of the day, we understand that there’s a lot of stuff that comes at us.”

The couple credits their good communication habit for their strong marriage. As Caroline mentioned, as long as they are on the same page and committed to changing together for the better, then there is nothing to worry about.

Throughout everything Luke has experienced in life, the good and the bad, he realized that some things require priority over the others. “You’ll also notice me stopping and smelling some roses a little bit more,” he said.