Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Ashley went in for an ultrasound to get a glimpse of her baby. But instead, the technician saw four – and they were two sets of identical twins.

After having four children, 35-year-old Ashley Ness and her boyfriend Val did not think that they would be having more. The couple from Taunton, Massachusetts was thrilled to find out that they were indeed going to have another child, but what they found out on Ashley’s scan was something they did not expect.

As it turned out, Ashley was having twins.

While looking at the screen as the sonographer did her scan, Ashley noticed something she wrote.

“When she first started the scan, she was looking at the screen and wrote A, B, so I stopped and looked at her and was like, ‘Wait, I’m having twins?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh I don’t know … I’m going to step out for a minute,’” Ashley shared in an interview with Good Morning America.
The mom-of-four felt that something big was about to come to light and she was right. She confirmed this when the sonographer went back to interpret the results she found.

“She starts the scan back up, and she’s like, ‘You’re having four.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry. What?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, there’s four of them in there,” the 35-year-old mom said.

Ashley was having not only one set but two sets of identical twins!

Ashley and Val already are parents to four children, aging from 7 to 24 years old. At her age, Ashley did not expect to be pregnant again, let alone have two sets of twins!ADVERTISEMENT

“I had a very hard time conceiving my daughter and I’ve had miscarriages in the past. So I feel like to be able to be blessed with something so big is so amazing,” she said.

Further scans showed the gender of her twins. One set was all-male while the other set was all-female.

As WCVB reported, it’s a very rare pregnancy. The chances of having two sets of identical twins spontaneously are one in 70 million.

Ashley used to suffer miscarriages in the past, and now she feels like she’s getting back those unborn babies she lost.

“I did miscarry previously four times and so my grandmother actually passed away back in January so when I conceived, it was right before my grandmother had passed away too. So I feel as if it was almost like a gift from her, like sending back the losses that I had. That’s truly how I do feel,” she told Good Morning America.

Her daughter helped with naming the newest members of the family.

Chanel, Ashley and Val’s daughter, helped in naming her siblings. They wanted each of their names to start with “Ch” and so, the babies will be named as such as well.

“I’ve always wanted to keep the whole ‘Ch’ because my parents, all their grandkids besides one is all ‘Ch.’ So I wanted to stay on that whole ‘Ch’ path and we came up with all their names. So it’s Chesley and Chatham are the girls, and then Chance and Cheston are the boys,” Ashley shared.

Ashley expects to give birth to her twins earlier because of her high-risk condition.

The 35-year-old mom is due to deliver the babies in October, but because of her age and high-risk pregnancy, she will have to deliver her babies in August. Her pregnancy will be 30 to 32 weeks by then.

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