Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

As we know, families are hunkering down at home because of the coronavirus – which is leaving some people in need of activities to fill their time. Fortunately, there’s a popular dance challenge that’s helping make quarantine a little more entertaining.

Need laughter in your life right now? Flip on “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd and get ready to bust a move to the choreographed routine. There’s one video, in particular, that’s gone viral featuring a hilarious dancing dad from Louisville, Kentucky.

Brothers Colin and Dylan McFarland decided to get in on the dance craze as well, bringing in their dad named Dan. They’re all part of a comical TikTok channel called “The McFarlands” with more than 897K followers.

It all starts with a reluctant Dan sitting and looking at his phone.

He’s in the middle of watching a “Blinding Lights” challenge video when his grown sons come in with a question. One asks, “Can you do that?” The other says, “Dad, people NEED you!”ADVERTISEMENT

Dan shakes his head and is unsure if he can actually do it though. But luckily for us, it doesn’t take much convincing before he pops up and heads out the door with his sons for a dance session.

Get ready for a version of the dance challenge that has the internet rolling with laughter.

The trio races down the stairs, into the garage, then out to the driveway. Set to The Weeknds’ catchy song – they fly into action performing the energetic routine. They start with a dab and get into the lightning-fast footwork that gives you the feeling you’ve been beamed back to a different decade.

One of the best parts of the video is the overjoyed expressions on their faces – especially the dad. Really, how can you keep a straight face looking at Dan?

At the end of the video, Colin and Dylan lift their dad into the air for a grand finale move. It’s hysterical to watch and is like icing on the cake.

While there are numerous challenge videos that deserve applause, The McFarlands’ version currently has more than 1.8 million “likes” on TikTok and has been covered by news sources like Fox and Daily Mail.

After Daily Blast Live shared the video on their program, comments were left on their YouTube channel like:

“Thank you for this video, it made me smile for the first time in weeks. We need laughter now more than ever.”

Someone else wrote a similar comment, saying:

“I do agree that was WONDERFUL. This really does bring a smile to our face in this time of need 😊”

But if you’re convinced Dan didn’t have any “whoopsies” creating their dance, think again. Watch Daily Blast Live’s videos here .