Sun. May 26th, 2024

arts of the south are getting drenched with rain. Some states, like Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, have experienced so much rain over the past couple of weeks that residents may need to invest in an ark. In Dallas, the rain had gotten so bad that parts of the city were flooding, and that’s when a school bus driver and bus monitor became heroes. Tekendria Valentine and Simone Edmond were taking an alternate route back to the bus lot because of the flooding when they noticed two children clinging to a tree in rushing water.

The women stopped the bus and went to help the kids and it was all caught on tape. Valentine and Edmond drive a bus for special needs children, so the bus is installed with removable seatbelts to safely buckle children who need wheelchairs. The women unhooked the seatbelts and tied them together to use as a rope to help pull the kids to safety. Thankfully, they weren’t alone. Neighbors jumped in to help the two women save the children from being swept away. Before long, the children were out of harm’s way and the tearful boy asked if he could hug one of the women that helped him and his sister.

I’m so glad this story had a happy ending. While it still seems to be unclear who the children were, I hope they’re safely back at school and things have dried up. As for the women, the school district has hailed them as heroes and I couldn’t agree more.