Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

A 29-year-old plus-size woman has been slammed after she posted a TikTok video criticizing an international airline for making their seats too small for people like her. As a size 26 traveler, Kirsty Leanne from Shropshire,

UK, filmed a clip for the Chinese-created social media platform showing her fans how she was unable to properly fit into the seat or lower the tray table because she was too big for the seats installed on the airplane.

As a social media influencer who shares her experience as a traveler who is size 24-26, she wanted to highlight her concerns while flying aboard a plane on Ryanair, a budget airline. However, the blogger was hit back with comments telling her it was not the airline’s fault that she was unable to fit into the seat or comfortable use the onboard toilet.

Kirsty said, “The first issue I faced was walking down the plane aisle. I was one of the last people on the plane because I was running a little late, so I felt the stares of people. All I could think was that they didn’t want me to sit next to them.”

She added, “I got to my seat, and thankfully the one next to it was empty, giving me a little more room.”

The frequent traveler also had more complaints to share about her experience onboard the Ryanair plane.

“In terms of legroom, there wasn’t much space, but this is also because I had an under-seat bag. It was definitely manageable, though. I was going to use the tray table to do some work on the way, but when I couldn’t put it down, I quickly decided that it was not going to happen.”

Her experience got even worse when she tried to use the bathroom.

“The bathroom was another issue I faced because I was running late I didn’t get to use the bathroom before I boarded. I thought I’d chance using the one on the flight, but unfortunately, it’s probably one of the smallest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, and I decided against trying to squeeze in. In terms of the seats, I was comfortable, but I think it’s because the seat next to me was empty, and I had that little bit of extra space. I needed to use a seatbelt extender, but this is something I am used to, and the flight attendant handed it to me discreetly as I asked when I boarded.”

Video footage shows just how tight a fit it was for Kirsty. While she tries to lower the tray table, she claims it was a “big fat no” for her and that there was simply not enough space.

However, critics felt that the airline was not to blame – instead of arguing that Kirsty has to take personal responsibility for her size.

“This should be a massive wake-up call,” one person argued.

Another wrote: “There’s only one person to blame.”

One TikToker wrote: “Honey, it’s not the airline’s fault.”