Sat. May 18th, 2024

That is, evidently, the kindhearted mantra of this TikTok user named Bella. After discovering a tiny mouse had moved into her house and was raiding her kitchen, she didn’t get upset. She got creative.

Rather than merely turn a blind eye to the little rodent’s foraging (or worse, evict him), Bella decided to prepare him a tiny cheeseboard complete with a number of tasty treats she thought he might like.

The results were adorable — and, from the looks of it, delicious:

With that, the little mouse became something close to a friend to Bella. Soon, she was on a first-name basis with him.

“I decided to name him Honey,” she wrote. “It was his favorite from the cheese board.”

But Bella didn’t stop there. Seeing how much Honey enjoyed the meal she’d prepared, she decided to make him another.

Again, not surprisingly, Honey loved it.

The little mouse was really starting to feel at home. That said, Bella decided to take things one step further.

Not only did she make Honey a tiny spaghetti dinner, she even crafted a perfect tiny room just for him to enjoy it in.

@jorgeregula222 Replying to @thekarol420 he’s uneasy about the new location but he still visited 🙂 what else should i put in his house? #mouse #tinyfood #spaghetti #wholesome #ifyougiveamouseacookie #ratatouille ♬ Italian Dinner Party Music – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy
Honey now has it made — and all it took was some teeny-tiny culinary talent and, of course, a heaping scoop of love.