Tue. May 21st, 2024

Though Fantastic Mr.Fox is an animated character this man will surprise you with his “foxy” character.

This man is Patsy Gibbons who lives with his two adorable sidekicks. The foxes’ names are Grainne and Minnie.

Patsy Gibbons rescued the foxes when they are still babies. He gave them all the needed treatment and they became healthy adult foxes in the end. However, the foxes decided that they would remain with their rescuer instead of being released into the wild.

The kind-hearted man and his two cunning foxes attracted the local children so much that they told about them at various places. As a result, they became celebrities and soon were invited to different schools to get acquainted with the students.

Due to the kind-natured man the foxes feel loved and protected and don’t want to leave him even for a minute.