Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Many people go through life making plans, dreaming dreams, and setting goals for the future. However, they don’t always live to see them become a reality.

One commendable cop’s heartbreaking story will encourage you to seize every moment and live passionately today.

Richmond police officer Seara Burton spread joy and positivity wherever she went. High school teachers remembered her as a “gifted athlete” with an “amazing work ethic.”

Nobody was surprised when she joined the police force after graduating from Northeastern High School in 2012. While the avid basketball player had a fierce side, she was also sweet.

Burton responded to a call for assistance at a traffic stop close to North 12th Street and C Street in Richmond, never imagining it would change her life forever.
Burton’s fifth-grade teacher Sarah Moore recalled: “She was a sweet little girl who always had a smile. She was a great friend to others and could always hold her own.”

The young woman excelled in her roles as a law enforcement officer and was a four-year veteran of the Richmond Police Department. She also stepped into the role of “K-9 handler,” the first female to ever do so in her city.

Burton lived a great life, and she couldn’t wait to get married on August 19, 2022. She was besotted with her partner, Sierra Neal, and the duo made a beautiful couple. However, their plans were disastrously derailed nine days before the wedding.

Burton responded to a call for assistance at a traffic stop close to North 12th Street and C Street in Richmond, never imagining it would change her life forever.

Something shocking happened as Burton and her fellow K-9 partner stopped a man riding a moped. The driver of the small motorcycle opened fire, hitting Burton.

The incident left the officer in critical condition, but community members hoped for good news. Police Chief Mike Britt added:

“As we wait through this, I found everybody’s prayers have been the most effective tool yet. We know she is still here by God’s choice.”

The police team and Burton’s loved ones were grateful for the “small improvements,” believing she would survive miraculously.

While they knew the officer’s road to recovery wouldn’t be easy, everyone remained positive. Family and friends were also encouraged by the faith of their community. Britt said:

“If you were at the prayer vigil the other evening, you saw that. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came out the door and saw just how much support this community actually provided.”

Sadly, Burton and her partner couldn’t have the wedding day of their dreams. However, Neal wanted to do something special on the day they would’ve said, “I do.”

She wore her wedding dress while visiting Burton in the hospital. In a heartfelt Facebook post, she also wrote:

“Seara Burton, I love you more than anything in this world, and I am so proud of you. You are my person.”

Tragically, Richmond Police Department released a statement at the end of August revealing heartbreaking news. They stated: “Despite the very best efforts of all the doctors and nurses, Officer Seara Burton’s injuries have been determined to be unrecoverable.”

The statement also revealed that Seara would be taken off life support on September 1, 2022. However, there was one piece of hope amid the pain—she would save lives via organ donation. The post continued:

“Seara will live on and continue to be a hero with her selfless gift of organ donation. Officer Burton will continue to serve others long after her passing.”