Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

The dog was seen in waters by a fisherman in Moreton Bay, who pulled him out of the water and immediately called the coast guards.
This story is another proof that dogs are the most faithful and devoted friends to humans.
The fisherman noticed a shepherd dog in the coasts of Australia, who’s been trying hard to reach the shore. A box full of fishing tools
was floating near the dog, and a wetsuit was visible in the distance. The fisherman helped the dog out and called the coast guards to

It was clear something happened in the sea with a boat. The dog was taken to the shore, but never stopped whining and rushing into the
The rescue operation lasted for several hours but thankfully everything ended well — the man was found alive in the ocean. He was holding on to the overturned boat, which was already sinking down.

The man said that he had lost control of the boat and as a sudden wave movement hit, they were both thrown off into the waters with the dog. It was indeed amazing how the dog swam for such a long distance and got help for his owner.

This is certainly not the first known case about dogs rescuing their owners, and this shepherd dog has joined the ranks of such heroes.
As it turned out later, according to the rescuers’ reports, the dog swam for 11 hours in waters to get the help for his owne