Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

When a mother struggled to fight her addictions, her children bore the brunt, and the youngsters experienced trauma and pain for many years. However, things changed when they met their mom’s boyfriend.

Parents play an integral role in raising their kids, but many moms and dads face battles that prevent them from providing a stable and secure home.

Two siblings dreamed about the day their mother would overcome her struggles, hoping their lives would improve. Sadly, those dreams were never realized. Read their story and discover the unlikely hero in their journey.

When Jordan Benewiat remembered her childhood birthday parties, they were always marked by pain. Her mother was drunk regularly, and their family home wasn’t filled with love or joy.

She recalled wondering where their next meal would come from and if she would make it to school. She was always anxious and fearful, as was her brother, Jarred Benewiat.

The siblings spent many years believing their mom would change, but the disappointments kept on coming until one man walked through their door—it was their mom’s boyfriend, Steven Benewiat.

Steven witnessed his girlfriend’s worrying behavior and realized he needed to do something to help her suffering children. After an incident, he called the authorities, and the neglected kids were placed into foster care.

Steven’s heart broke for the youngsters, and he decided to do something significant. He chose to fight for them despite having no familial ties to the Benewiat siblings.

Steven wanted to adopt the kids, and because the state couldn’t find a home willing to take both children, he was granted emergency care.

Jordan recalled the first time she saw Steven cry. It was when he thought the kids were being taken away. She shared:

“I had no idea why he was crying in the courtroom but when he explained it to me I burst into tears. He hugged me until we had to leave. Luckily by divine intervention, he was given emergency foster rights.”

Three years later, the adoption was confirmed, and it marked the start of a better life for Jordan and Jarred. Steven was there for them whenever they needed him and never let them down.

Thanks to Steven’s love and guidance, Jordan has grown into a healthy and prosperous young woman. Despite having a traumatic childhood, she was able to put the past behind her and move forward.

Steven remains one of the most important things in Jordan’s life, and she calls him her hero. She expressed:

“I remember every feeling I felt for the seven years we didn’t know him. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably have over 18 years of that pain. He’s one of the few people on this planet who has yet to let me down.”

Jordan used social media to share a message with people. She was exhausted by phrases like “Never lose faith,” and she wanted friends, family, and strangers to understand why she did lose hope.

Thanks to the constant presence of Steven, Jordan and her brother had bright futures ahead of them. He was someone they could depend on, and it made a world of difference. However, their mother’s choices still affected their lives.

While many people encouraged Jordan and Jarred to keep believing their mom would overcome her addiction, they learned to let go of that dream. The daughter also revealed that her mom was the “hardest person” to let go of.

However, it was necessary for their healing and peace. Jordan explained:

“She is the shrine of all my failed attempts to have a mom. She was a wonderful human full of all the colors in the rainbow and sunsets, but she was also the darkest part of my childhood.”

Jordan encouraged people to think twice before offering advice to those from broken families. She shared that neither she nor her brother wanted to give up on their mom, but holding out hope wasn’t helping them.

Jordan shared that saying, “letting go must have taken every ounce of courage, and I’m sorry you had to fight that fight,” is better than telling family members to keep believing and waiting for their loved ones to overcome struggles.

Every child’s experience with their parents is different. For Jordan and her brother, distancing themselves from their mother was the best decision.

On the other hand, for someone else, believing their mom or dad will recover might be a form of healing in itself. What are your thoughts about Jordan’s opinions?

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