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When a couple with a 40-year age gap got married, people gave them judgemental looks. Defying all odds, they’ve stayed together for the past seventeen years, but some say the man married the woman, almost twice his age, for her money.

What do you think is the perfect age gap for a happy marriage? Or do you think age is just a number? Many believe age is an important factor to consider when choosing your partner. They might feel couples with wider age gaps have lower compatibility.

On the other hand, some people, like the couple in today’s story, don’t think age matters when finding your life partner. They believe love knows no bounds and don’t mind having an older spouse, even if they are almost twice their age.

87-year-old Edna Martin met 47-year-old Simon Martin eighteen years ago, and they fell in love at first sight. At that time, Simon was a 30-year-old man who had never been in a romantic relationship with a girl. He lived with his parents and was a fan of organ music.

In 2003, Simon went to a concert and got there a bit late, so he decided to use the emergency exit instead of the entrance. Little did he know that his future wife would open the door for him. He recalled what happened when he saw Edna:

“She was standing there in a nice black suit, and she opened her arms. We literally fell into each other’s arms.”

Edna, a divorced woman, was around 70 when she met Simon at the concert. At first, they were in a long-distance relationship because Simon lived in Birmingham, miles away from Edna’s home in Weston-super-Mare.

While Edna and Simon’s families supported their decision, some people looked at them with raised eyebrows.
When Simon’s parents found out who he was dating, they were shocked. They couldn’t understand why their son was interested in a woman almost twice his age. However, when they saw how happy he was around her, they let it go.
On the other hand, Edna’s family has been supportive since day one. She had grandchildren older than her boyfriend, but that didn’t matter. When she told her children about her plans to tie the knot with Simon, they were happy for her.

On July 8, 2005, the couple got married in an intimate ceremony. Edna’s daughter baked a beautiful wedding cake while her then-57-year-old son, who had waited for this moment for a long time, happily “gave her away.”

While Edna and Simon’s families supported their decision, some people looked at them with raised eyebrows. They couldn’t understand why Edna and Simon chose to date each other, knowing they had a 40-year age gap. Simon said:
“Our friends and acquaintances have always been happy for us, but of course, we just ignore any weird looks and comments.”

For his love for organ music, Simon regularly visited multiple cities in the UK before his health affected his mobility. He quit his regular tours because of diabetes and a kidney transplant. Moreover, he also had dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Asperger’s syndrome.

Meanwhile, Edna had to rely on a walking aid to move around, but that didn’t affect their relationship. Instead, their bond has only grown stronger over the years. Edna said:

“Simon has had his health problems, and I’m getting older now, but do you know anyone who is getting younger?”

Edna had worked as an engineer before retiring and was previously in a 37-year-long relationship with her previous partner. They had two children, Lorraine and Russell, who cheer for their mother’s new partner.

On Father’s Day every year, Russell never forgets to send a card to Simon. He sometimes calls him “dad” to have fun and laugh and respects him because he keeps Edna happy. When she fell in love with Simon, she was sure she didn’t want to let him go.

However, when it came to building their family, Edna and Simon knew they couldn’t have children. Edna said she had asked Simon to leave because he wouldn’t have children with her, but he chose to stay. Simon said:

“I have physical disabilities, which means my body has aged faster than someone else my age. So I will probably have a shorter life span. We’ll just keep going as long as we can.”

Whenever the couple would meet new people, they would always hear the same question ― What’s your secret to a successful marriage? People wondered what kept Edna and Simon together despite their 40-year age gap.

Their biggest secret was showing affection and going out for adventures. Edna and Simon never shied away from being affectionate in public. They loved holding hands while roaming the streets and exchanging romantic gestures in the supermarkets. Simon said:

“It’s very rare to see a couple of any age giving each other a loving peck or showing their affection.”

Edna and Simon had inspired other couples with age gaps to get married. They also felt people needed to express their love for their partners publicly. In July 2022, the couple celebrated their seventeenth wedding anniversary.

The couple wore their best outfits to a local fish and chips restaurant to celebrate their love. While people stared at them, they exchanged gifts. Edna gave Simon a torque bracelet, and he bought her a pair of delicate crystal earrings. Simon said:

“Love is love, and everyone should ignore what anyone else says. Age is a state of mind. If you feel old, you are old.”

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