Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

This mother-daughter duo has spent more than $86,000 on plastic surgery. The daughter started working as an exotic dancer at age 17 to pay for them.
Cosmetic surgery is evolving by the day, and it’s becoming more accessible. The growing demand for anti-aging solutions and the constant craze to stay youthful has contributed immensely to the existence of the industry. Depending on the icon fantasy one has in their head, they will strive to epitomize them by all means. While it’s not a bad idea to admire a celebrity and notice their stubborn features, some come with negative impacts.

For Georgina Clark and her daughter Kayla Morris, their fantasy was aimed at epitomizing something you would describe as a doll with Katie Price’s features. With an inspiration derived from their best model icon, Katie Price, the two ladies were determined to look exactly like her. Even money couldn’t stop them as they laid a staggering $86,000 on the plastic surgeon’s table. Seeking the best services, they could get, Kayla and her mother spent $8000 for their solarium sessions as they told to News Dog TV.
Mom And Daughter Have Spent Over $86,000 On Matching Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Their Favorite Model
Target areas included breasts, lips, hair, teeth and facial shapes. Georgina and Kayla got breast augmentation, fuller lips, and cheekbones. They changed their hair lengths to fit as that of Katie Price and their teeth whiter. A long list of changes for a more pronounced look.

Kayla was 17 when she discovered she wanted to change how she looked. Her mother shared the same sentiments, and together they embarked on a journey to start looking for necessary funds to alter their appearances.

Kayla would then begin her journey as an exotic dancer and got herself a sponsor to establish solid financial grounds for their dreams to come true. Her mother Georgina stated that she didn’t mind how her daughter fetched that money.

The two keep heading back to the surgeon’s office for more improvements. They are not planning to stop anytime soon until they arrive at a look that satisfies their needs. Kayla is proud of her achievements especially enabling her mother to live her dream and look like her icon, Katie Price.

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