Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

If any of you tend to live under rocks, and there are a lot of you, you might not know that Keanu Reeves is mostly famous for his role in The Matrix and John Wick. These days you are hard-pressed to hear anything negative about Keanu, in fact, he’s a downright saint when it comes to Hollywood actors. He has continuously gone out of his way to be such a great person to his fans, and here’s his latest good deed.

Keanu Reeves signing autographs
Wholesome Celebrities Exist in the Form of Keanu Reeves
As mentioned Keanu Reeves is such an outstanding person, being in Hollywood or otherwise. He is down-to-earth, and he gives the impression that he chooses to think before acting, and before he speaks. Not many of us non-celebrities can say the same, so there is yet another reason to look up to this actor. He even took his mother as his date to the 2020 Academy awards, I mean, how much better can you get?

There might be a few reasons that make Keanu Reeves stand out, like his dashing good looks (that smile! Those eyes!), his acting skills and great taste in scripts, the fact that his mother is a choice for a date to an important night of his career. But, what about his sweet and simple love of the slow life, his grounded characteristics, and not to mention, the fact that he connects with people on a human level. No fan is too old in Keanu’s eyes, and he decided to give a phone call to an 80-year-old woman (a huge fan). He did this just to make her happy, so he is willing to take time out of his day to bring happiness to the elderly too!

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